In House Counsel

Settlement Agreements Online is one of a range of services we provide to our business clients as a way of helping them operate even more efficiently through the use of technology and drive down their external legal spend.

This service makes the process of giving and receiving legal advice in connection with a settlement agreement simple and straightforward. As a consequence of this, together with the out of city locations of our main offices, we are able to charge far less than those who may offer to advise your employees on a one off ad hoc basis.

The result is that we can provide a swift, convenient and high quality service for your employees and cut cost for your business at the same time. Many businesses of all sizes do not audit their total annual spend on advice given by third party solicitors in relation to settlement agreements. Where a large-scale redundancy or reorganisation is concerned, these costs can be especially significant.

We often find that our In-House colleagues would like their business to manage risk and give certainty of outcome when terminating employment contracts, by the use of settlement agreements, but find that the process of doing so is seen by the management team or colleagues in HR as too cumbersome, time-consuming or costly.

Voucher Scheme

If you would like to really impress your colleagues, maximise your financial savings and keep your paperwork to a minimum, please ask us about our voucher scheme. By using this you can secure groups of vouchers in advance at a fixed rate, each of which carries a unique PIN that can be given to a departing employee to enable them to access this service.

Please call on 0800 464 0814 or email for more information.

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