Simplifying Settlement Agreements Seminar

Free Legal Seminar Lunch - Simplifying Settlement Agreements Online/Offline

We know how time consuming larger scale exit programmes can be. We also know that the process can be hindered by the final settlement (compromise) agreement stage.

As specialists in managing the multiple larger settlement agreement sign off process, we have designed this seminar to address these concerns.

The seminar will cover:

The template Settlement Agreement – do’s and don’ts when preparing and getting it right first time;

The sign off stage – how to improve it, reduce time and costs.

The HCR Solicitors specialist Employee Relations Unit has managed the settlement sign off process for private and public sector employees across the country. The team provides the independent advice the employee requires to complete the Settlement Agreement. Based upon thousands of Settlement Agreement sign offs, we have developed a service that avoids the common pitfalls.

The event is free and will be held at our Birmingham office on 17 June 2014.

The session starts at 1pm and will last one hour. A sandwich lunch and materials will be provided.

Please register for your free places at or use contact form here at or simply search for “settlement agreements online” in any of the main internet search engines.

Alternatively, please contact Kelly Hall on 0845 209 1436.

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