Settlement agreements and whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is a common term for the principle of a protected disclosure.

Settlements agreements are sometimes offered after whistleblowing has occurred in employment.

A protected disclosure involves the communication of information to another person.

Norbrook Laboratories (UK) Ltd v Shaw

Can a protected disclosure be made in multiple communications to an employer even where the individual communications were not protected?

The Claimant, who managed a sales team, had sent separate emails to different managers expressing concerns over the hazards of staff driving in snowy conditions. He alleged that his later dismissal was automatically unfair as a consequence of that protected disclosure.


The EAT upheld the tribunal's decision on the preliminary issue of whether the Claimant had made a protected disclosure. It was held that separate communications considered together, even if made to different people, can amount to a protected disclosure even if separately they would not do so.

If you have been offered a settlement agreement following a disclosure made by you, or several incidents that you have raised, you may be in a similar situation to the claimant in the above case.

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