Senior Employees

If you are a senior employee, director or office holder considering, or being asked to consider, an exit from your current employment you are likely to require detailed legal advice on your particular circumstances - your case is unlikely to be suitable for purely on-line advice but you will be able to save time and money by using this service.

Please call or email us to discuss your needs. There is no charge for this.

We recommend that you speak to one of our lawyers where you will be dealt with by one of our specialist employment partners or equivalent.

Our employment lawyers have extensive experience of supporting senior employees through career changes, including negotiating exits - with or without a background of disagreement or conflict.

We understand the complexities of executive remuneration packages, post-termination restrictions and employee shareholders. We can work with our in-house Head of Tax, Ann Bibby, to ensure your financial best interests are fully covered under any settlement agreement terms.

As well as directors in commerce and industry, our partners have particular expertise in dealing with senior public sector office-holders, NHS consultant cases (including MHPS) and senior colleagues in the education sector.

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