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Stage 1

You can conclude your agreement today if you...

Have access to an email address and are in a position to complete this process.

This will depend on various factors discussed so far between you and your employer. We will advise you if and when these factors make a difference to your progress.

If you are in any doubt as you proceed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stage 1 - Getting Started now


Your Details

Important Information

You must ensure that your personal details and the contact details for your employer are correct. Your settlement agreement will usually contain a confidentiality provision, breach of which could result in your offer being withdrawn. The contact details for your employer that you provide above should be someone who has been talking to you about the settlement agreement. This will usually be your direct manager or a member of the Human Resources or personnel team.

If you are in any doubt about who is the authorised contact at your employer, you should not continue until you have checked this. HCR Solicitors is not liable for any withdrawal of offer or breach of confidentiality as a result of incorrect information being inputted into this website.